Naruto banished from konoha crossover fanfiction

Alright back again, most of you wanted Sasuke to die and so the verdict is…A surprise. I got some suggestions on including various special squads from various anime and I will say this, that idea has already been incorporated here. In this chapter we get a little hint as to exactly how strong the Western Kingdom really is and we also get introduced to a few other characters in the story. This won't be a super long story and I plan to end it by around 15 chapters or so since there isn't much to deal with, but I guess we'll see how it goes as it goes.

On with the plot. This is the first time you have participated in the tournament since the Kingdom's formation and it has been a good two years since anyone has seen you really fight.

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Naruto simply chuckled at his wife's worry and walked over to her, taking the brush from her hands and resuming the grooming of her lustrous blonde locks. Konoha needs to understand that I am not to be trifled with and what better way than to send their precious 'almighty' Uchiha back to them broken? What if something bad happens? What if they are a threat to the people?

I do not want to drag our people into a war again. Seeing all the children so happy and everyone able to live their lives not having to fear that they might not see tomorrow… I do not want them to lose that. I will make sure of that. Now I think you should hurry and get dressed. It's almost time for the tournament after all. I'm sure that the people will be pleasantly surprised to have the four grand generals participating in the tournament.

It is after all rare to see one of them let alone all four together. Don't you think it's a little unfair to the Konoha Envoy? I get that you want to show them that we are not to be trifled with but all four of the grand generals of the kingdom? While Naruto wasn't really a big fan of ceremonies or what not but Celestia drilled into his head that it was part and parcel of being a leader.

I don't want you to give him any chances. End swiftly my dear husband. I will not take any risks that they won't try anything. The kingdom cannot afford to be without it's king and I refuse to even entertain the idea of any harm coming to you, is that understood?

This fight is important in helping you overcome your past but I don't want anything bad to happen to you. Is that clear? But I will promise you this at the very least, I will return safe in your arms once my match has ended.

Just as the announcer finished their welcome speech. The crowd went into a frenzy as the royal couple walked out to the royal box, giving waves to the people before sharing a very public kiss, much to the crowd's delight before they took their seats.Naruto and Sasuke yelled as their Jutsu clashed before the Chakra used to form them dispersed, Sasuke still charged hand went through Naruto's chest, as Naruto's claw gauged out Sasuke's right eye.

They both stood still before they fell and with a thud landed side by side, with blood pooling under the blond, and a stream of blood flowing out of Sasuke's empty eye socket. The warm spring rain fell, washing away the blood into the flowing river that still seemed writhe from the energy around it.

There's only one option then, to save the kid I must break a rule set by Shinigami. Kit, no Naruto, I'm afraid this is goodbye, in order to save you I will impart to you a gift and a curse, salvation and destruction at the cost of my soul you will live again, but do not worry, you will never be alone. Sasuke stood then rushed to Naruto and flipped him over as he tried to pry his eye out of Naruto's hand, his fatigued body barely managed to open his hand before his strength left him.

As his body slammed into the wet rock he stared at Naruto's empty hand, 'He must've put the eye in his mouth and ate it as he fell. Right before he lost consciousness he saw Kakashi land. Kakashi straightened his body as he walked to his fallen students. Using his glove he wiped a tear on his right eye off as he crouched near Naruto, 'There goes the last remnant of sensei, I really am alone now.

naruto banished from konoha crossover fanfiction

Removing a scroll from his vest he slid it open until he found an empty circle, placing the emblem on it he did a hand sign and channeled his Chakra sealing it away as the name 'Naruto Uzumaki' appeared under it. He quickly rolled it back up and placed it back in his vest, going to the other side he pulled out a larger scroll, 'Sorry Naruto, no one is around to help me so I must seal your body in this bounty scroll, you deserve better than sharing storage with criminals.

No one has managed to seal a full living body before, they always die during the sealing.

I must get Sasuke back so he can be put on trial, if they don't decide a just sentence I will publicly execute him in your name. Tsunade sat with her body slumped over her desk as Shizune walked in, "Hmm, what's wrong Tsunade-san? Shikamaru was sitting on a bench near the gate he and the others left through hours ago with a brace around his finger as he watched his clouds disappear into the storm, 'This is going to be troublesome.

Naruto:Trapped Inside 1

He walked through the gate as a squad of Anbu appeared. Kakashi looked over and saw Shikamaru on a bench, "Hey, can you gather everyone at the hospital? Though from what I hear Kiba is just going to stay overnight so he should be able to come to the room. Lee is sedated so they can fix his ACL but he should be brought to that room. Turning towards the Clan District he began walking towards it but stopped and turned, "I take it Naruto didn't Kakashi knocked on the door after unsealing Naruto's body, he heard shuffling inside followed by a breaking sound before Shizune opened the door with tear stains on her face and clothes.

She looked at the boy in his arms before letting him in. He had taken a step inside when he felt hands seize his student away from him before paper went flying from the desk. Tsunade placed Naruto onto the desk as she unzipped his jacket A.

Why do people call it a jumpsuit? It isn't a one-piece as she looked at his wound.

Trying to restrain her tears she handed it to Shizune. As Shizune held it a little bit of color seeped into it, holding it up so the light shone through it illuminating her she gave a small nod before pulling out a small jewellery box and placed it inside, "I know who this should go to. He'd tell us to keep on fighting and never give up.Naruto by this point was already out of the Hokage tower and leaping from building to building on his way home tears streaming down his face.

Within several minutes Naruto threw open his door and slammed it behind him, however he didn't get two steps into his house before he felt like he was floating as his consciousness was pulled into the seal holding back the Kyubi, sighing Naruto stalked down the halls of his mind quickly coming to the cage of his prisoner. Who like the first time the blond was there tried to stab the boy with a claw. In this backpack were all of his most prized positions, a necklace in the form a spiral like the back of the Jonin vests given to him by Hiruzen said to have been found with him as a baby, several books on seals that Hiruzen had given him which were some of the very books the Yondaime Hokage had learned from, one of the Yondaime's special Kunai, and two framed pictures, one of him Ayame, Teuchi, Iruka and Hiruzen taken on his sixth birthday outside Ichirakus, and the other of him Jiraiya, Shizune and Tsunade, just before the four of them had begun heading back to Konoha.

Grabbing the bag Naruto slung it over his shoulders before once more reaching into the hole in the bottom of his wardrobe and pulling out a scroll that contained his clothes that weren't the orange jumpsuit, he put in the bag before walking out of the room leaving his team picture on his bedside table not caring to take it with him. Walking into his kitchen Naruto quickly sealed away his food before putting that in his bag as well, not bothering to pack anything else Naruto made his way to his front door, glancing into the house one last time Naruto sighed before he stepped out and closed the door behind him.

Taking a moment to decide whether to trust the Kyubi or not, Naruto just shrugged and followed the beast's instruction it couldn't hurt to see the blond quickly made his way to the forests above the Hokage monument. It took all of ten minutes for Naruto find the house the Kyubi had told him of, as instructed Naruto bit his thumb to make himself bleed before rubbing his bloodied digit on the gate and to his surprize the gate glowed white for a moment before it creaked and opened.

It took a few minutes a testament to the security of the lock as Naruto was undoubtedly one of the best lock pickers in Konoha possibly in the world, but as the door swung open Naruto stepped in as soon as his foot touched the doormat he felt his chakra suddenly be sucked out of his body through his foot.

Deciding to get a move on rather than sulk at his own inferiority, Naruto quickly went about making his favourite hand sign to make the search quicker. The man looked younger but it was without a doubt Naruto's hero the Yondaime Hokage, in the picture the man stood tall and proud behind and slightly off centre to a beautiful red haired woman looking over the two people Naruto couldn't help but feel some form of bond with them.

Walking upstairs Naruto found his clone standing in the hallway looking very nervous Naruto looked at the clone with a quirked brow before he walked up to the clone and looked into the room and his eyes went wide and tears formed in his eyes. The room was clearly for a baby, it had a cot, a small supply of nappies, tens of stuffed animals lying all around the room but what made Naruto tear up was a simple hand written banner hanging over the window.

Naruto forcefully closed his eyes not letting his tears fall, before turning and stepping away from the room. Naruto walked out of his parents' house having sealed just shy of everything from within the house into various scrolls stopping before he reached the gate Naruto turned back to the house.

Deciding not to stick around Naruto ran as fast as he could away from Konoha not looking back, Naruto headed east towards the Land Of Waves. Naruto stood on the edge of the bridge connecting the Land Of Waves with the Land Of Fire a small smile on his face as he glanced at the plate on the bridge.

Naruto smiled and walked across the bridge. As the blond entered the town people looked to him shocked Naruto just smiled and waved as he passed people who started waving back, suddenly someone ran into Naruto. After a few minutes of walking they found themselves at a small house on the outskirts of the village, walking through the doors Tsunami yelled into the building. Naruto rolled over in his bed blinking as he pushed himself up looking out of the window to the ruins of his ancestral home.

The blond had stayed with Tazuna and his family for a few days before Tazuna managed to find a sailor willing to take Naruto to Uzushio. After a tearful goodbye Naruto had set out to Uzushio, it had only taken two days of sailing to get to the island nation which he had found in ruins not to his surprize however it wasn't as bad as he had feared it might have been, it had only taken a few days with the help of his clones to clear the rubble from around many of the village's more important buildings.

It was during this time that Naruto had discovered the memory feedback of the Kage Bunshin No Jutsu Shadow Clone Jutsuwhich after finding out he had abused the heck out of the jutsu getting several years of training with Fuinjutsu in with the help of his clones to the point where he was a master after three weeks. And knowing full well that the Akatsuki were after him Naruto had begun working on a space time seal with the help of his clones that would allow the blond to start anew in a new world.

So getting out of his bed Naruto created several clones to get straight to work on the seal while he worked on other things, starting with breakfast.

Walking into his kitchen Naruto walked to his small supply of sealed ramen, unsealing one Naruto went about getting it ready, he had a long day ahead of him. Little did the blond know his day was going to be even longer then he had planned. Arriving on the shores of the island nation was a pair of black cloaked individuals with pointed straw hats on.He's finally done it. He finally able to bring Sasuke back.

He finally able to fulfill the promise. However, the feeling still has until he reached the village gate. The instant he stepped into the village, he was welcome by a fish by his crush Sakura Haruno. Look what you did to Sasuke-kun. I knew I shouldn't have trusted a demon like you" Screamed the pink hair monkey.

Then his sensei also add few cents in it about he was worse than trash. He was hurt. But not as hurt as when he being drags to the council.

Apparently the council had used the excuse of hurting the last Uchiha and using the Kyuubi to banished him. HIM for doing his job. Baa-chan had tried to voice her voice but the council have the majority of vote AKA the civilian council and had decided to banished him. Baa-chan kept crying and say sorry for me but I told her it's not her fault. The worse that beside the Ichiraku, the Konohamaru Corp, Iruka-sensei and including the Konoha 12 except team 7, Kiba, Neji, the fangirls Ino and Sakura heck even Anko and Yuugao everyone start to throw rock and insult at him thanks to the infinite wisdom of the council; they decided that now they had banished him they can announced my status as the Kyuubi jinchuriki and the day of his banishment.

Even though Lee should be better than them but he followed Sakura word. He didn't know about Kakashi but the man didn't check on him while he was injured so that pretty much clear how his sensei feels about him. And so he couldn't take it anymore, he decided to get away from the village at dark night so he don't have to see the look of satisfaction of see him off which he ran and ran to the first place that treat him like a human being, Wave.

He managed to reached to Tazuna house. The old bridge builder quite happy to see him again. He escorted him inside, Tsunami and Inari were both shocked and happy to see him again. After a while, they have dinner which was delicious then Tazuna asked why he was here and then he told them sadly what happened.

naruto banished from konoha crossover fanfiction

Once he finished the story, the family were both shocked and furious at the village treated him. The person who risked his life to return the traitor and this was the thanks he gets.

After calming down for a while Tsunami went to hug Naruto in an effort to comfort him which he was glad for.

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Naruto decided to tell them that after today, he'll go to beyond the Veil. The family instantly told him that's very dangerous since there are many people venture there that had either didn't returned or died.

He told them not to worried but in his mind he knew he didn't have anywhere else to stay since the longer he stayed at the Element Nation the sooner the Akatsuki even the that Danzou guy at the council would try to take the Kyuubi. After that is a heartfelt goodbye before starting his journey. When he stepped through the Veil he felt that his charka had completely leaving his body and realize that the barrier he just passed through had taken his charka that made him immedially face first to the ground.

It was then a couple were enjoying the picnic see something strange. Suddenly a young boy just appeared and fall down not moving at all. Seeing that the woman quickly headed toward the boy as she rolled him over and check him once over, it was then the boy slowly open his eye and from there she signs in relief and asked the boy.After thinking things over, along with seeing the new Venom movie, it got me thinking of this possible one-shot. A Venomous Banishment. Chapter 1.

Looking out to sea, Naruto Uzumaki was a mixture of negative emotions, his so-called "home" had banished him, of course Tsunade tried to stop the banishment, but due to Danzo going over her head and getting the Daimyo involved, leaving out all the good that Naruto had done for the village, saying it was Sasuke that did it all, Naruto's banishment was just the icing on the cake, the fact that he managed to defeat their "golden boy" and brought him back with a few scratches was what pushed them.

Blowing the whole thing out of proportions, so after healing, Naruto had to leave, which he did earlier than expected, thanks to Tsunade healing him and giving him his parents scroll, once she explained that she couldn't tell him until he reached ether chunnin or higher, he accepted the scroll, after healing he quickly packed up everything and sealed it in another scroll.

Due to his rush he couldn't say goodbye to his friends, from what he heard from Tsunade, Sakura tried to see him, but she stopped her because of his injuries, so he couldn't say goodbye to her even if he wanted to, since because of his past experience with the short-tempered pinkette, he wanted to just miss her altogether, thinking she'd just yell and hit him for hurting her "Sasuke-kun," so he got Tsunade to keep the fan-girl away.

After leaving, he used hundreds of shadow-clones to spread out, making it impossible for anyone to follow or find him, now he was at Wave, he went to Tazuna's family, who greeted him with open arms, then he explained what happened, which made them furious. Afterwards, Naruto began reading the scroll his parents left him in the spare room, leaving him with all their belongings, along with a map of Uzushiogakura, so with that in mind, Naruto began planning his trip to his ancestral home, getting supplies and other things for the journey.

Once Naruto left, after hearing all of Naruto's adventures, Tazuna sent letters to all the places Naruto had helped, telling them what happened to the bright blond hero, with one thought in mind, " If Konoha thought they'd get away with this, they're in for a super rude awakening!

After the boat got close enough, Naruto managed to get to the beach using water-walking, walking by the whirlpools and not being sucked into them. Which is where we came in, "Alright, forget about Konoha, that's the past, let's begin by exploring this place.

After a few hours, Naruto was slightly amazed at the island, though he had to put a few skeletons of his ancestors to proper rest, he was feeling, relaxed, like he was truly home.

Before he knew what was happening, he fell through a hole, landing on a metal ground, "Okay, that really hurt! Who knew Uzushio had a place like this! As he was looking around, Naruto spotted a strange canister, with weird moving liquid inside it, "What the heck is this!

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Getting a closer look at the liquid, Naruto couldn't help but say out loud, "Whatever this thing is, it looks awesome! Moving around the canister, Naruto started tapping things, wondering what the canister was and what was inside it, getting behind the canister so that the light can hit it more, Naruto continued his tapping, wondering if the liquid would react or something.

What he didn't expect was an electronic de-powered voice drowning off, which told him that the place was possibly older than Uzushio. But because he didn't know what a computer voice was, he ended up looking around, trying to find the owner of the voice, never noticing the glass part of the container opening up, or the strange liquid "crawling" out of it towards him.

Once close enough the liquid began climbing his leg, as soon as Naruto felt something on his leg, he looked down, seeing the liquid climbing up him, hitting his back against the wall, Naruto was a nervous wreak, he didn't know what to do, he tried batting it away from him, but his hands just went through the ooze like water, as soon as the "creature" got to his chest, it "melted" through his clothes and through his skin, vanishing completely.

Looking around, patting himself down, trying to find the liquid, he has no idea what was going on, " Naruto, " Suddenly a voice called out to him, making him jump back into the wall, it wasn't the kyuubi's voice, since the fox didn't like to interact with him, so then.

Naruto began stuttering, calling out to the voice again, after a while, nothing happened, " Naruto!

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Laying on the ground, Naruto was groaning in slight pain and annoyance, rubbing his head at hitting it against the glass and floor. Slowly turning over and getting up, Naruto found himself in a hallway, making his way around the place, Naruto saw a few other canisters, holding other liquids, " They are my sisters!

Causing Naruto to fall to the floor and spin around, his back to the wall, "W-W-Who's there, where are you!? That is until a liquid shape appeared in front of him, forming a black liquid face with white eyes and sharp teeth, making him scared out of his mind, connected to his back, " I am Venom, and you are mine. That sent warning bells in his head, "Sorry Venom, I've already got someone riding me, I don't need another.

Venom white "eyes" widens, " Ah yes, the one known as Kyuubi no Kitsune, quite a powerful being indeed, but from what I gather, the fox doesn't want anything to do with you, except wanting to survive! Venom just gives a smile, " I know everything about you Naruto, I'm inside your head, you are a loser, Naruto, at least, your village thinks you are, but with me here, along with my sisters, once they find a host like you and me, we can do whatever we want!

naruto banished from konoha crossover fanfiction

Venom gave a cheeky smile, " Most probably, though it depends what I fancy, though it would seem I fancy this thing called "Ramen," that might help with my hunger!

Looking towards Naruto, Venom replied back, " Yes, but they are on a comet in space, and without a mode of transport, they cannot arrive here, which is okay with me, since before my last host died, he showed me the wonders of this world, then when he was on his last leg, we came here, he then asked me to eat him and go into the container, he was a good human, even if he was a loser, like us.

When Venom said that, the other liquids shook violently, making the two look at the liquids, " It seems my sisters disagree with me calling myself a loser.NA: I have started playing Skyrim once more, and downloaded the mod where I can wield my favorite weapon Shadowmourne, if any of you can answer me, was there any way to turn it into a cosmetic item in WoW?

I was just wondering ever since they added cosmetic options into the game. So one of the reviews said that Naruto isn't making a huge impact in the WoW universe right now. He doesn't have to, well not yet, he is just like a player in World of Warcraft, he doesn't have to make a huge impact yet, not right now.

Plus he is someone who isn't planning on making a huge impact, he is just a family man, in a way he is already content with how his life turned out already, but they will encounter obstacles to that happiness they want to maintain. I thought adding Rathalos armor as Naruto's armor set would make him look like a member of the Horde. The Rathalos bow, also another favorite of mine. The Konoha-nin were escorting their clients through the wide gates of Orgrimmar, they were fascinated by the architecture and the people living in the city, different races of humanoid people lived in this great city.

And then there were the human looking Blood Elves with glowing green eyes, what intimidated them a bit were the Tauren and Orcs, tall giant cow-people and green-skinned people with teeth sticking out of their mouths. One of the jonins of the group, Kurenai Yuhi looked around and spotted someone familiar to her, a beautiful young woman with brown hair, brown eyes and fox ears, wearing a beautiful red and white obi-style dress walking down the stairs in a hurried manner, carrying a baby girl with purple hair and the same fox ears as her, just smaller as she was a baby.

Kurenai widened her eyes when the brunette looked at her, she knew this girl, she disappeared the same day Naruto had been banished from Konoha eight years ago. Yakumo Kurama, that was her name. She now had fox ears, her body more curvaceous, she was beautiful, and it looks like she has a daughter.

The entire Konoha group stopped and looked at her with surprised looks. Asuma Sarutobi walked up to her with a questioning look, "Are you sure it was her?

I saw her look at me, there is no mistaking it, that was Yakumo, I used to teach her genjutsu, but I was ordered to stop when Sandaime-sama told me she could no longer become a kunoichi. Wait she also disappeared the same day Naruto was banished eight years ago.

Could it be she came with him? Ichiraku's the following week after his banishment left the village and moved to the Land of Waves, never once talking to her after what she did. We have to at least tell him first that his banishment is repealed.

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They all nodded, Sakura nodding solemnly and followed their clients to the Warchief's hold in the Valley of Strength. They all hoped they would find their lost friend, and the last Namikaze. Naruto was inside the Warchief's hold, beside him was his blood brother Vol'Jin Warchief of the Horde seated at the throne.

He notified Vol'Jin who these people were, and the Warchief was unhappy, he knew of his poor treatment at his birthplace, and how he was shunned. As Warchief he had a responsibility to his people, and his family.

He would be damned if he let them take Naruto away, and possibly the young family as well.Story Story Writer Forum Community. After being banished for bringing an injured Sasuke, and betrayed by those he cared for, Naruto travels to the unknown western parts of the continent.

Seven years later, he reappears as the Emperor of the West. Organization Akatsuki 30 by mag77 reviews Naruto gets banished after bringing back Sasuke and An exile and an Heiress by Manganime Lover reviews Naruto was exiled from Konoha becasue the high council has to obey the law.

Watch how Naruto escapes Death's Grip, and leaves Konoha. What happens upon his return, after training with Kyuubi? Eventual Naruharem, starting with Naruhina.

naruto banished from konoha crossover fanfiction

Rogue Akatsuki by XDarkRider reviews After being banished from Konoha, Naruto is now part of the Akutsuki, but after a mission gone wrong Naruto and Hinata get brought bach in time, will things change for the better or for the worst and has Itachi finaly met her match, wait HER? The Triple Troublemakers by Uzumakiblood reviews Naruto is banished from Konoha at a young age, bringing with him a orange haired girl,named Moegi. Along his travels he meets up with an surprising person.

Watch as these three go on adventures and journeys across the Elemental Nations! First fanfic! NarutoxOc Enjoy! Good bye and Hello by cookie-monster-eater reviews Naruto gets banished after failing to retrieve Sasuke at valley of the End. His reaction isn't what you'd expect.

Naruto is exiled after the Valley of the End failure. Naruto: Whirlpool Chronicles by Redrover reviews Following the events of chapter Naruto is exiled but before its made official he escapes the village intent on unraveling the secrets and mysteries that have plagued him for so long. Now he only has one mission: to fulfil Jiraiya's only request.

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Sansaku Shinigami by darthlyonsius reviews Beaten and near death,Naruto is thrown out of Konoha by villagers and becomes stronger then he would have with extreme power nicknamed Sansaku Shinigami.

Set before Sasuke leaves at the start. Gets much better after start. Naruto and bloodline! Sandstorm by DJ-Rage reviews Naruto is banished from Konoha after nearly killing Sasuke in an attempt to bring him home.

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